Xactimate Direct Yield

by My Restoration Directory on 03/05/2015 - 07:08 pm

During a recent trip to meet with one of our Insurers we work for I was chatting with an Examiner.  We were discussing some of the typical issues that he sees such as content and abatement billing not being separated, when to include labor minimums and when not to.  They were good reminders but the real take-away came when the conversation transitioned to some of our hot topics like the Xactimate prices; drywall installation and finishing in particular is always a topic with adjusters for us, as the minimums never meet our local pricing demand.  What he shared with me next was very interesting and something I’d never heard…

He started talking about the Direct Yield in the pricing details that they have allowed contractors to adjust based on the type of work that is being done.  I asked some more questions and he was kind enough to open his xactimate and show me where to make these adjustments. 

The first thing he showed me was the Trade type doing the work highlighted below. He said that if the drywall is being taken off by a drywaller then they were okay for us to change the remove Trade from DMO (Demolition) to DRY which increased the removal price by just about 45% from .35 sq/ft to .62 sq/ft 



The next step is more in depth and requires you to make a change at your discretion. For our company we have decided to set standard yield rates.  This exercise ensures that we are only making changes that can be backed up by our local market research. 

Click on the “i” next to the Replace Price or Remove price (seen in the screen shot above) Next select the Labor item --> Edit --> Direct Yield.  Make your changes and select OK.


Price List Productivity or Yield 
Xactware’s price lists come with the productivity or yield of the worker for each unit cost.

Each unit cost in an Xactware’s price list that requires labor includes how long it takes the laborer to do the work. This is called the productivity or yield. For example, if a drywall installer is installing drywall, how many square feet can he or she install in an hour? Xactware answers the question with research that measures all the tasks the laborer must do to determine the average yield. Estimators who determine the job they are estimating requires more or less work than the typical yield, can easily adjust the labor yield to meet their needs.

let us know what you think about this feature, if you use it in your estimating or do you stick with the default settigns offered by Xactware?