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Restoration Apps, My Top Picks !

by My Restoration Directory on 03/14/2015 - 04:17 pm

There literally hundreds of thousands of apps available to be downloaded and in some cases the great ones are still out there waiting to be discovered. This week I thought would share a few gems that I have found and used in my restoration business.  Please leave some comments below with the ones you like and why.  
Promatic made a really simple app that helps you create a list on your iPhone.  One of the key features allows a user to add multiple pictures to each line item.  The list is instantly uploaded to the cloud.  You can email the list from your smart phone with all the pictures attached as links or you can download the excel spreadshee ...

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Xactimate Direct Yield

by My Restoration Directory on 03/05/2015 - 07:08 pm

During a recent trip to meet with one of our Insurers we work for I was chatting with an Examiner.  We were discussing some of the typical issues that he sees such as content and abatement billing not being separated, when to include labor minimums and when not to.  They were good reminders but the real take-away came when the conversation transitioned to some of our hot topics like the Xactimate prices; drywall installation and finishing in particular is always a topic with adjusters for us, as the minimums never meet our local pricing demand.  What he shared with me next was very interesting and something I’d never heard…
He started talking about the Direct Yie ...

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