Restoration Apps, My Top Picks !

by My Restoration Directory on 03/14/2015 - 04:17 pm

What apps do you use in your Restoration business?

There literally hundreds of thousands of apps available to be downloaded and in some cases the great ones are still out there waiting to be discovered. This week I thought would share a few gems that I have found and used in my restoration business.  Please leave some comments below with the ones you like and why.  



Promatic made a really simple app that helps you create a list on your iPhone.  One of the key features allows a user to add multiple pictures to each line item.  The list is instantly uploaded to the cloud.  You can email the list from your smart phone with all the pictures attached as links or you can download the excel spreadsheet to you desktop and manipulate it how you wish at a later time again with the links to multiple pictures through your spreadsheet.  The link feature is great because it keeps your file size small for easy distribution to adjusters, homeowners or whoever.  This is also a great tool for creating any other type of list with pictures like a deficiency list or work order.  Simply note each item, snap a pic or two for a visual reference and email or text it out. 


Simple In/Out

This one is a home run!  We have constantly had to remind our Project Managers to use the manual wall mounted in/out board to communicate their office status. We even tried assigning parking so that our dear secretary could look out of her office window to see which PM was in or out of the office to properly distribute calls.  It was never 100% until we found Simple In/Out, which is a digital in and out, board.  Setup is really simple and it comes with a 45 days free trial; first the admin sets up a Geofence around your office building and sends out an invite to each member of your team.  A geofence is virtual perimeter of a gps location.  Once this is setup and your team has downloaded the app they have to add the geofence setup by the admin and the rest is automatic.  Sign in happens when the user enters the virtual perimeter without even looking at their phone, no action required just come and go as you please and the app signs you in and checks you out.  It’s brilliant.  I haven’t used it in a job application but I can see use for this application on a large industrial site where people and guest must sign in and out on a daily basis.  A new geofence for the site location could be setup and invites emailed to the crew and guests for a digital log of all the personnel.


My Restoration Directory

While we are on the topic of useful apps, we have one of our own!  Growing the sales of a restoration business is not easy and with so many competitors going after the same jobs its important to use tools that get you in at the time of loss.  Our app automates the plumber referral program.  Once setup with a directory account all you need to do is start marketing our app to all your plumbers, realtors, property managers and home owners.  They can add your company to their referral network and send you referrals.  From the directory account you can view and update the referral status or send a quick message direct to the affiliates app on their phone.  It’s the easiest way to build a network of affiliates for your business.  Best of all we’ve built in a payment feature so that you can send instant payments for successful referrals.  This is a marketing tool ready to go, plug it into your sales team and grow your referral network.  If you don’t have a sales team make this your sales team.  Hire someone to do nothing but grow your referral network and I guarantee it will grow your business. 

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