Disaster Restoration Service Companies - My Restoration Directory

If the structural integrity of your home has been deteriorated by a natural disaster or by an accident, there's only one company you can turn to one of the leading and most experienced disaster restoration companies in your area.  These companies will do everything in their power to return your life to normal as quickly as possible.

It doesn't matter to us if it's night or day, during the week or the week-end, many of these companies are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their dedicated employees are on standby, ready to take your call and dispatch to your area the nearest available team.  With plenty of experience in dealing with all types of different-sized public, commercial and residential properties.

Whether it's caused by flooding, heavy rains, sewage backup, an overflowed sink or toilet, or a cracked water pipe, water damage can be extremely destructive to your home especially if it doesn't become a priority to quickly and properly remove the water and dry the affected area.

There are a few things that may come as a surprise for many people in the case of water damage. First of all, the extent of damage may depend on how much contamination is in the water. Basically, the more polluted the water is, the heavier the damage.

Second, mold spores may appear within 48 hours if it's not taken care of, and it doesn't need much to grow.  Just a high level of humidity, a food source, the right temperature and little to no air movement and light.

Another thing that someone who experiences water damage to his home needs to know is that he has to act quickly and inform the insurance company the second the disaster happens. They need to be informed on how it happened, when it happened, the relative extent of the damage, etc. If you wait too long to inform them, you may find yourself in the situation where your insurance claim may not be approved.